The following are recent news about the project and new releases.

Recent News

I updated the project as follows:

  • Reorganize the solution folders, and rebuild with more-modern build tools (Visual Studio 2015 on Windows 10)
  • Upload the project source code to private repositories on GitHub
  • Rewrite this web site (using ASP.NET MVC, and Bootstrap) to make the site responsive

So the software is maintainable, but I don't expect to work on it further, unless you ask me to – for details, see:

Older News

These are sorted reverse chronologically (most recent at the top).

2017/7/27 Consider new software licenses.
2017/7/25 Rewrote this web site to use ASP MVC.
2013–2017 Full-time employee at Strawberry Rescue (so, unable to work with this project)

I implemented the CSS DOM. This (standard) API will be the new lowest-level API of the CSS component.

I will release it after I finish the various other features of the CSS Roadmap.


I improved my CSS grammar (it now maps one-to-one with the grammar in the CSS specification, instead of being slightly simplified).

I have also updated to the newest version of the GOLD Parsing System.

I am changing the GOLD run-time engine, to implement support for recovering after syntax errors, and posted its source code on github.


The new feature lists are sorted, and here is a first version of a roadmap.

CSS Parser
  • Fault tolerant parsing
  • User-extensible property parsing
  • Improved grammar and comments
  • Improved API namespace
  • API to match a standard CSS API?
  • Newest version of the GOLD Parser
  • Test using the CSS2.1 Conformance Test Suite
HTML Edit Control
  • HTML Agility Pack integration
  • User-replaceable toolbar
  • Support and render <img> elements
  • Edit inline (as opposed to block) element (support the IE API?)
Sales and marketing
  • Buy Now and Contact Us web pages
  • Online payment processor
  • Better product-oriented web pages
  • Better API diagrams?
  • Competitive analysis etc.
  • New icons on the toolbar
  • Compact Framework or WPF
  • SVG rendering
  • Features to be suggested by a competitive analysis
  • User-extensible elements (e.g. for SVG, or a media player)
  • JavaScript
  • Improved rendering (e.g. "float", background images, and Z-order).
  • Insert the W3C Simple API for CSS (SAC) between the parser and the calculator (but not the W3C Document Object Model CSS API, which doesn't look useful or current)

The "backlog" are relatively substantial features. These features are not scheduled, and will be implemented only if you ask for them!


Here is a Big List of several new features which I might want to develop.

New featureComponent
Fault tolerant CSS parsingCSS
Fault tolerant HTML parsingHTML
Inline styles, e.g. Bold, on the toolbarHTML
Customer can replace or customize the toolbarHTML
New icon setHTML and Web site
Compact Framework or WPFHTML
New features suggested by competitive analysisHTML
User-extensible element, e.g. custom controls for SVG or videoHTML
Simplify the namespaces and API namesCSS and HTML
Better CSS grammarCSS
User-extensible CSS propertiesCSS

There's also a list of other (sales and marketing) activities:

  • Limited demo with watermark
  • Online payment processor
  • Buy Now page
  • Online resellers
  • Competitive analysis
  • Manage the project to-do list
  • Local API documentation in CHM help file format
  • Improve the web site
  • Better API diagrams
  • Use latest versions of tools (Visual Studio, GOLD Parser, Eazfuscator, and Sandcastle Help File Builder)
  • Further automate the build
  • Add <meta name="description" content="..." /> to each page

In the next months, I will develop new versions with new features, and release them as commercial software with a license fee.

Having a full-time job recently didn't give me time for this project, so instead I will:

  1. Implement new features, which users have asked for as enhancements to the existing software
  2. Release new versions of the software, with a commercial license
  3. Bring the software to market
  4. Develop further features by request, and develop new components
Current versions The current software versions will remain free.
New features in new versions

New software versions will include new features, and licenses will be for sale.

The list of new features to be added to the software comes from the following sources:

  • Features which various developers have already asked about
  • New features, which customers may ask me to develop by request

I will provide a list or Roadmap of the new feature development plan soon.

New license fees

The terms of the new license fees will be as follows:

  • The price is yet to be determined.
  • It will be royalty-free, priced per developer and not per user.
  • It's a one-time, perpetual (not monthly or yearly) license to use the software.
  • Customers who contract for the development of new features have preferential license terms, including access to source code.
Custom software feature development

I am the original author of the software and a good developer: so I develop features efficiently and well, more easily than other people can. If you want a new feature then:

  • Tell me what you want
  • I can propose an estimate for developing and implementing it for you.

You will be able specify the new feature, including how it's to be tested, and when I will schedule it to be implemented.

2011–2012 Full-time employee at Blackberry (so, unable to work with this project)

Jeff Atwood tweeted:

Finally, a 100% managed .NET code HTML renderer. Only 6 years after I originally wanted it...

That was in reference to his writing about Managed HTML rendering on his blog.

2011/02/25 New License.

Some recent comments from developers using this software include:

nice work. thanks
This component works fine.
this is a fantastic control!
2010/08/10 First release of the CSS Parser.
2010/07/25 First release of the Doc to HTML Converter.
2010/06/01 First release of the HTML Editor.
2010/01/31 Finished the first version of this web site.