Implements standard W3C interfaces as .NET APIs:

a subset of DOM, Range, and Event APIs.
load, edit, and read the XHTML DOM in the control.
write event handlers, to interact with toolbar, key and mouse events, the document, and the user's selection.

As well as its WYSIWYG Editing UI for the end user, ModelText's HTML edit control exposes various APIs which let the application interact with it.

Standard browsers' main APIs are JavaScript, running inside the browser; whereas the ModelText control exposes native .NET APIs to the .NET application which embeds it:

  • The APIs are closely modelled after the various, familiar W3C DOM and Event APIs
  • They're sometimes slightly simpler than the W3C APIs (for example, ModelText's API doesn't clutter its DOM representation with any insignificant whitespace nodes).
  • They're slightly richer than the W3C APIs (for example, you can mark chunks of the document as read-only to prevent their being deleted; and you can invoke the preventDefault method of event instances to cancel an end user's keypress – some of the editing functionality which is currently scheduled for HTML 5).

See the APIs for the HTML Edit Control documentation, for an in-depth introduction and reference.

There are also Sample programs, included with the Download, which show examples of how to use the APIs.