HTML Editor Control

A .NET custom control which displays and lets end users edit HTML.

Easy to use
built-in WYSIWYG Editing UI
Easy to program
convenient .NET APIs
Easy to install, secure
100% Managed Code
Good output
Clean XHTML Output


The built-in user interface includes:

Key and mouse handling
for selection and editing.
and keyboard shortcuts.
to edit hyperlinks and tables.
to copy and paste text.
Advanced user interaction
You can optionally extend the UI using .NET APIs:
  • Write event handlers for toolbar, key and mouse events.
  • Interact with the document, and the user's selection.
  • Use <form> and <input> controls to interact with the user.

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Clean XHTML Output

Input and output are clean XHTML.

Documents or fragments
supports a large subset of XHTML (W3C XHTML v1.1).
  • Work with an entire <html> document.
  • Or a document fragment, whose root is a block-level element, for example <body>, <div>, or <p>.
some (not all) HTML elements can be rendered.
  • The built-in UI creates a subset of the elements.
  • You can use the API to create other elements.
CSS styling
uses built-in CSS Parser to style the displayed document.
  • The CSS parser supports all standard stylesheet syntax.
  • Rendering supports the more important CSS properties.

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100% Managed Code

Light-weight, fast, self-contained, and secure:

No dependencies
on browsers or unmanaged code, or any code except the .NET framework.
Easy to install
supports XCopy-style deployment.
can run in the "Internet" security zone with minimal permissions.
Custom control for .NET
sample programs show how to use the control with Windows Forms or with ASP.NET.

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Implements standard W3C interfaces as .NET APIs:

a subset of DOM, Range, and Event APIs.
load, edit, and read the XHTML DOM in the control.
write event handlers, to interact with toolbar, key and mouse events, the document, and the user's selection.

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The control is fast, well tested, extensible, and competitive.

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This page is a demonstration of the control, running as a control in Internet Explorer.

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This page links to the latest version, and includes the release notes for every version.

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