This page lists support issues reported by users.

Feature Requests

These are features, which have been requested but not implemented (please use the Contact page to request any further development):

  • Make the source code available
  • Display images, and insert images with the UI (via drag and drop, or the toolbar)
  • Optionally display the HTML element tags (markup) to the user, in the editor window
  • Spell checking
  • Add buttons for inline styles (e.g. bold and italic) and block styles (e.g. aligment) to the toolbar
  • Edit complex inline styles (e.g. set to all-bold a span which contains bold and non-bold)
  • Output CSS fragments, in CSS format, from the CSS parser
  • Support nested tables; set table properties; manually adjust column width and row height
  • Support a replaceable toolbar (e.g. to create new toolbar styles)
  • Add a sample program to show how to integrate Html Agility Pack (or similar parsers)

Bug Reports

Every bug reported has been fixed, except one.

Old (fixed) bugs are listed as "Fixed", in the Release Notes for the CSS Parser and for the HTML Editor.

The one bug which isn't fixed is the following.

CommandState.visible issue in VB

With the vb code below I get the following error on the last line. 'visible' is ambiguous because multiple kinds of members with this name exist in class 'ModelText.ModelEditToolCommands.CommandState'.

Dim cmdSaveState As CommandState
cmdSaveState = TooledControl1.modelEdit.toolContainer.getCommandState(CommandInstance.commandSave)
cmdSaveState.visible = False

The cause is that, unfortunately, in that class there's a "visible" property defined, but also defined a delegate type named "Visible". That's a problem for VB, because VB is case-insensitive. I hadn't noticed it, because I use C#.