Contact the author for inquiries, support, or to get a license.


Please contact me:

  • With any questions about the product
  • To employ me: to add some new feature[s]; to help integrate it with your product; and/or to work with your software, on your projects.
  • To use a different software license
  • For access to the source code (now in a private respository on GitHub)

About ModelText

How It Started

In 2008 I started to write a Requirements management application.

A component of that was a text editor (for the kinds of reason described here: Managed HTML rendering).

When I ended that project, the component that was finished and reusable was the text editor (and the related CSS component) – it is these components which I published, via this web site.


Though I did little advertising, several developers found these components and used them successfully.

Some comments about the project are quoted on the News page.

I fixed every bug reported (except one – see the Issues page for details).

My next employment contracts were with people I met, or with experience I gained, via this project.

What Next?

I don't expect to develop this further, unless you give me reason to.

So, please contact me if you might like me to work with you, on this or any other project of yours.


Software released in 2011 and earlier is still available for download – and you can use it with the free (gratis) license, which is shown on the download page (and included with each download).

Software built recently is functionally the same as the earlier software, except that it displays "Demo version" as a watermark. This recent build is the only version I support. Please contact me if you want to use it with a license, without the watermark. We could discuss:

  • What changes, support, or other work I can help you with
  • What license terms would suit you
  • An agreeable price, for that work and license.

Let me know if I can help. I look forward to hearing from you.

About Me

I'm Christopher Wells – I'm the author of the ModelText software, and this web site. I'm from Canada, and now living in France.

A resume of my CV as a software developer is online here. I have also worked as a technical writer (of software user manuals).

When I'm not writing software I enjoy cycling … and singing, in a choir.


Here are some questions and answers:

Licenses and Commercial Use
I'm looking for a HTML editor to use on a commercial application. I'm not sure if your library is free or one has to pay for a license. Could you tell me a bit more about that?

You can use the HTML editor control in a commercial application.

I can support it, or develope it further, using whatever license terms you require.

Evaluation and Feedback
I want to evaluate it to see if it satisfies my needs.

Download an evaluation, to check that it meets your needs. There's a link to the latest version in the Release Notes section of each product:

New Features and Custom Development
Just to know, would you be available in possibly doing some custom work on it if required?


I am currently looking for employment: so, contact me for any type of work you have, related to this project or not.

Normally though (i.e. at other times, when I am or was a full-time employee) I wouldn't have time for this project, except to just answer inquiries.